John has been singing all of his life, starting as a part of a family music ministry with his family almost as soon as he started talking. He began playing the piano at the age of 4, and has added instruments throughout his life.
John is an ordained minister working as a street evangelist and revival pastor.

John and his wife Katharina founded Dirty Feet Ministries, with the goal of teaching everyone to let their feet become Christ's feet in this world. Ministries he works in partnership with include: The Overflowing Cup (Beloit, WI), serving the people of Beloit and the stateline area for over 35 years; The Asylum at Cornerstone, serving the Goth community and the Unified Underground; Stateline Revival Ministries, a growing revival ministry in the Beloit/Stateline area; and others.

John is an ordained pastor through Living Word International and The Overflowing Cup.






Larry started playing bass in 1990, but gave it up in 1992 to join the Army. After a bad accident and several life changing experiences, started playing again in 2000. He has played with several churches and ministries such as Rock Place Ministries, Cornerstone Community Church, Roscoe United Methodist Church, The Overflowing Cup, Hilltop Ministries and Turning point Ministries. He has also played in several secular bands like UFOZ, Iron Cross, Psychotic Puppets, Obsidian Drake, Recluse and Wykkyd Vykkyr.

Larry is an accomplished sound engineer with a flair for figuring out how best to set up any environment for appropriate amplification and sound. He started working with sound equipment in 2002 when Iron Cross fired their sound tech and needed someone to fill the roll. Since then he has set up over 200 shows and helped to correct sound issues in several churches. Larry even gives classes on sound equipment setup and proper usage. In 2012, Larry completed his degree in Audio Engineering at the Madison Media Institute





Katharina (John's wife) has been singing with choirs and other choral opportunities for a number of years, including singing as a part of the LifeSingers Ministries. Katharina has a beautiful voice and definitely carries the presence of the Spirit wherever she goes. She also plays flute and is our number 1 "roadie".





Larry's wife, Shannon, is our Sound Tech during concerts.